Introducing Lightstar

Clinical GradeWhitening at Home

Clinically tested as the most effective machine for whitening teeth.


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1900% Greater Whitening than Gel Alone

Backed by clinical trials and patent protection, this device works just as, if not more effectively, than single treatments at the dentist – treatments that can cost thousands of dollars per visit.

Priced for everyone. We believe that a clean, beautiful smile shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why the Lightstar Whitening Device is intentionally manufactured to make accessibility possible for everyone.

The machine is constructed from high-quality German electronics. The optimization computer is fueled by a proprietary algorithm developed by leading engineers who serve on faculty at leading universities.


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White teeth = Better relationships and professional Success

Decades of scientific research have proven that people with white teeth rank significantly higher in attractiveness, career success, and popularity. Moreover, people with clean, white teeth were also perceived as being more intelligent, friendly, engaging, and kind.

Individuals with whitened teeth received more significant positive appraisals than those with their original tooth color for four personality characteristics: social competence, intellectual ability, psychological adjustment, and relationship satisfaction. 

Individuals, especially children who do not conform to the ideal of clean white teeth, encounter prejudice as early as childhood. This prejudice is evident in peer victimization and low self-esteem.


The Lightstar Clinical Grade Teeth Whitening machine is a highly attractive acquisition opportunity due to its compelling unit economics. This innovative product offers unparalleled whitening performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology and advanced features. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the Lightstar allows for easy operation by consumers, making it an essential part of every household. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of this product makes it highly appealing from a business perspective. The low operating costs and high demand for teeth whitening services create a lucrative revenue stream that can significantly bolster any manufacturer’s bottom line. Overall, Lightstar provides an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to expand their portfolio and ride the wave of consumers demanding to improve their appearance without having to visit a doctor’s office.




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